in a heartbeat

in a heartbeat

I’m sorry I’m behind with my posts but my mom fell on the sidewalk in front of my house last week.  She hit her head hard.  There is still a stain left to remind me. Since then we’ve learned that her minor heart problem may not be so minor after all.  We are waiting for the cardiologist to give us his opinion.

Life changes in a heartbeat.

This all happened while we were chipping up tile, removing carpet, taking off trim, etc., in other words, in the middle of a big decorating project. 

If was exactly three weeks prior that I was in the hospital due to my husband’s emergency. Oh, did I mention that my birthday and our anniversary were sandwiched between those events?

Why do we even say, “Life can change in a heartbeat”?  What does a heartbeat have to do with it? Why not just say, life changes in a moment? (I guess some people probably do say it that way.)  

Here’s my thought. Because the heart is generally considered the seat of our emotions,  I imagine it like this. The nano second between our heart’s beats stops for just long enough to allow the pain of the moment to insert itself into our heart forever. In that tiny chasm between beats, our life changes.and the experience is encapsulated forever. Therefore:

Life changes in a heartbeat.

Because I’m depression-prone, I am fighting hard to support my mental health.  I’m walking at least forty minutes every day.  I’m eating right.  I’m trying to get enough sleep. This might seem self-centered but I know this situation could get even tougher.  I might need to make quick decisions, hard decisions. There may be days I can’t exercise or sleep through the night.  So far now I’m taking good care of myself.

If your life is upside down now as well, hang in there.  Take care of yourself.  Don’t let depression make whatever you’re facing even harder. If you’re free from depression, don’t let it get a foot in the door.

I’ll post more when I know more.

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