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I sure am glad my last post was about grace because today I’m feelin’ the lack of it.  Doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  God’s grace probably shines on us more often than we realize. I’m not doubting that today. Just doubting.

Do you ever have days like that?  Days when you’re feeling “unsettled”, not quite “with it”. It’s usually days like that I find myself doubting. Doubting what you ask?

Doubting where I stand with some people.  Doubting past decisions. Doubting I have what it takes to handle certain situations, especially the ones I sense are on the horizon. And, of course, doubting if I have enough faith to see me through the difficult times. 

I seldom doubt myself in other regards.  I’m usually pretty sure about a lot of things.  Today, not so much. Maybe it’s because I was feeling under the weather a little this morning.  I have an ongoing medical condition that has plagued me on and off from childhood.  Sometimes, I go months without symptoms and then all of sudden, there it is.  I deal with it very well but it’s draining at times.

So what am I going to do about my doubt today?

Nothing.  That’s right. Nothing.

Not every little thought, not every little uncomfortableness needs to be addressed.  We need to give ourselves a break and not take ourselves or our troubled emotions too seriously.  Especially when we’re not feeling so great.  I learned a long time ago to give myself a wide berth.  If I’m still feeling this way in a few days, then I will address it because then it means something is going on inside.

So if you’re just kind of unsettled today and you find yourself letting that invade your thinking and emotions, take a break from yourself.

You can deal with it tomorrow.

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