a blank canvas


a blank canvas

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Today I “googled” best times of day to blog and frequency of days. Just when I was beginning to think it wasn’t a good idea to post often, I learn that it really is. Plus, I was getting discouraged. It’s really hard to get noticed when your main topic is depression and you’ve decided that Facebook is not a place you want to have your posts show up because (1.) you’re afraid of what people (family, in particular) will think and (2) you also figure knowing that there are people you know who are following you might impede your freedom. Whew! That was one long sentence.

But here I am, back again, trusting that if I’ve felt that inner prompting to blog, it must be right and I must be patient.

Today is a blank canvas. I’ve had a cold the last couple of days and have laid on the couch like a potato. Today, it’s “get moving” day. The day stretches before me like a white blanket of snow with no tracks yet. What kind of tracks am I going to make? Are they going to be deep, the plodding, lumbering kind? Or are they going to barely dent the snow as I skip on? I’m determined that this blank canvas of mine is going to be filled by tonight with people I’ve connected with, things I’ve accomplished, and a heartfelt connection with God.

What kind of footprints are you going to leave today on your canvas? Are you wondering if you can even get up off the couch? I’m here to tell you:

You can.

I didn’t conquer my depression by lying around thinking about it. I was determined there was excellent mental health waiting for me if I faced my culpability and changed some things. That’s why two or three days of indulging a head cold can’t continue for me or it will lead to repeating the “couch” behavior over and over again-this time for no good reason.

It’s early (at least in time zone). Don’t let this day go forward without leaving something positive behind. Don’t get to evening and realize your canvas is still blank.

Despite what you might think, you, and you alone, can determine what this day will look like. No matter how you feel. No matter your circumstances. Your canvas doesn’t have to remain blank.

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  1. I wished I’d read this earlier in the day- stayed on the couch in my pajamas.