I have a question about upgrading

Hello Word Press followers,

I need an answer about something.  How many of you have upgraded to Premium themes? If so, how did you arrive at your decision?

I am considering in buying a premium theme but just don’t know if I should or not.

Finally question, for those of you who did upgrade, did you notice an increase in your followers?

I need you help. Please offer your comments.  Will be posting this to “depressions gift” as well.

Thanks, everyone.

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  1. Gotcha’. I just sort of figured that the blogs with a greter number of followers probably had upgraded themes. Mabe I’m wrong. I work so hard at this, it just seems I should have more followers by now. I’ll just keep plugging away.

  2. I upgraded and really like my clean theme. Also i wanted the inclusive domain name, and more space as i was starting to add lots of photos
    Not sure about the followers though, sorry. 🙂

  3. My problem with premium themes is that someone will still have your same theme. Not as many as the free ones but still.

    • Do you think hiring someone is the better choice? I’m a .com not a .org and that is also really limiting. Have you upgraded yourself?

      • Hiring someone should be the last thing. Let me ask. Why are you considering the upgrade? I think .com is great for starting off and especially if you’re not a coder. Joining .org is part of my plan but I want to build a solid readership through .com.