I’m scared

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I usually don’t post right when I’m going through a bad experience because if it’s really a bad experience it means my focus is elsewhere. I’m sure there will be many of who won’t share my definition of what’s going on today as a crisis. That’s because you don’t have a video of my life the past ten months. I’m writing today, not for your sympathy and not to make any big point. I’m writing today because I’m scared and this is the most constructive thing I can do at the moment.

I think I told you that last month my hubby and I were in an emergency room all night. Thought it might be his heart. It wasn’t.

(I don’t know if I told you that in these same last ten months, between my husband and my mother, it’s been four emergency room visits.)

But now my hubby has had another really bad night. We’re assuming it’s the GERD (acid reflux) again. I must have been sleeping very soundly because I didn’t hear him get up and move to another bedroom. And he didn’t wake me up to tell me how bad he was feeling. So now there’s a little anger as well.

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