where our choices end

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I don’t know where this saying comes from but I love it. I’ve had it downstairs in front of my art table to remind me to think carefully about my choices. What I like about it the most is not the emphasis on choice but the fact that we can’t be certain what the consequences will be.

We just think we do.

For example, we may know that if we mouth off to the boss, we might get fired. What we don’t know is how long we’ll be out of work, what the impact on others might be, what would happen if we became seriously ill and didn’t have insurance………………………….. The consequences are not ours to pick. We don’t get a list to pick and choose from.

Here’s the saying:

You are free to choose

But your are not free to choose

the consequences of your actions.

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  1. but if you are loving, caring, empathic, honest, and true—u know what you are giving and if others are not in tune with that u don’t want to be around them anyhow***