Month: January 2014

what is enough?

Today is a tough one. For a family I care deeply for and for myself and my husband.

We’ve been trying to help someone this past week dig themselves out of their pit. We’ve said and done everything we know to say or do. But there’s still that question-did we say and do enough?

I don’t think we’ll ever know. I don’t think most of us know if we’ve done enough about some situations. Maybe that isn’t the issue anyway. Maybe it’s more that we did something. We tried. Maybe if we all tried something for someone, the world wouldn’t be what it is sometimes. Maybe the answer is in the trying not in the whether it was enough.

Besides for some people, there will never be enough.

If our choices and actions come from a heart of compassion, then we can probably be comfortable with our choices.

Ultimately, the responsibility of the “more” lays with the person we are trying to help anyway, not with us.

If you’re wondering if you’ve done enough, give yourself the same break I’m trying to give myself. If you’ve done the best “something” you know to do, you’ve done enough. The “more” is for that person to pick up and carry. (This is biblical. We are meant to “share” another’s burden but not carry the whole load when they’re able and responsible to carry it themselves.)

God bless you today. God bless that “one” you’ve been helping.  God bless those needing help.

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