Day: April 14, 2014

from my prayer chair


from my prayer chair

from my prayer chair

We are all believers. We all believe something. Everybody puts their faith in something or someone. Everybody has a set of beliefs by which they run their lives, even if they don’t know it. It shapes every decision and every action.

As a Christian I believe that what Jesus taught is the right way to live. I choose to follow Jesus and His teachings of forgiveness, love, generosity, grace, mercy, eternal life, etc.

There are times I wished it were easier. It’s not complicated; it’s just not easy. But for me it’s the only choice.

I prefer to follow Someone who knows what it’s like to live on this earth and who left His spirit, if not His body, behind to guide me. I prefer to follow Someone who still lives and whom I believe I will meet someday.

I feel sorry for anyone who has not decided who or what they follow. For without a conscious decision, they will follow anything or anybody, OR everything and everybody.

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