Month: May 2014

How are you shaping tomorrow?

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I’ve been doing some thinking. One of my previous posts was all about how our present decisions determine our future although I wrote about that subject in reverse order.

But it occurs to me that I need to be more aware of this myself. For example, I am facing some big changes in the future that I wish weren’t going to happen. It’s nothing terrible  in fact it’s very good in many ways) but it is going to cause me some sadness.

I’m wondering if what I wrote in that post can help me now. Can the choices I make today help for when that adjustment period comes.? What can I do differently? Is there a different way I can think about it?  Something different I can do this very day that will help me make an easier adjustment?

These questions are ones we can all ask about the choices we make today, especially when we know in advance some of the issues.. Today’s choices will affect everything that happens tomorrow. It will even effect the available choices in the choices.


Sometimes certain future choices won’t be an option if we make the wrong choices today.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

choices today determine future tomorrow



A brief encouragement today.

We often hear “Your future is not determined by your past or your present.” But let me add that while that statement is true in many circumstances, I would add, your present might need to change in order to have certain choices in the future.

We buy into these popular “rah, rah” types of sayings and forgot there is usually a counterpoint. It is true that we can begin anew in many ways. Certainly, Christians believe that. But much of the “beginning again” will by influenced by our past. There may be more obstacles to overcome to reach our goal and we’ve all read inspiring stories of those who’ve done just that.

However, we need to be realistic when we throw out these statements to people as some sort of magic formula, that just by repeating the words, it makes it happen. I try to be very careful on this blog when I write about mental health issues and how, for the most part, I’ve overcome my depression. I make it very clear that it was nothing short of hard work and the hard work continues. I’ve made some of that work harder than necessary because of poor choices. I will make some of that work a little harder tomorrow if I make poor choices today. (By the way, I am referring mostly here to the choices I make in how I think. Controlling my thinking is mostly surely my “thorn in the side”. That’s true for almost anyone about anything.)

I certainly believe that my past depressions do not determine my future but they have certainly shaped it.  And unless I make some changes and learn some things each time my nemesis attacks, I am deciding in advance the return of more episodes or at the very least I’m determining their severity.

So today, have hope for the future, yes, but remember you are in many ways the determiner of your future by the choices you make today. I choose to live a full life today, without regrets and with integrity.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

do as much good as you can


the right thing to do

How do you feel when doing the right thing is something you just don’t want to do? You’re tired. You’ve got a lot on your own plate. You don’t need to eat off someone else’s plate as well. But that nagging thought keeps bugging, “It’s the right thing to do.” And the worst part? You know that doing that “right” thing is not going to result in anything good for you except more fatigue.

The bible is clear about doing the right thing. We simply are never to tire of doing good. And yet we do. Even Christians don’t always feel like giving.

Sometimes I feel so ashamed because I hesitate to do what is right. I wonder if anyone else has the same problem I do. Does it comes easier for most people? Is there something wrong with me? Or is it, could it be, that I’m just tired? I prefer that thinking to thinking I’m selfish or self-centered. 🙂

The truth? I do have moments of selfishness, just like everyone else. But I also have an over-developed conscience; therefore, I’m harder on myself than anyone else. So when I don’t feel especially giving, even when I end up giving anyway, I berate myself for not having the accompanying emotions. A conundrum. That’s a common problem with people who have a tendency towards depression. They’re harder on themselves than even God.

There is a saying I remind myself of often. I tried to find its source but couldn’t. It’s just another way of saying ,”do the right thing’.

“Do as much good  as you can,

 to as many people as you can ,

for as long as you can,

in any way that you can.”

The one fact that remains is that it’s always the right thing to do the right thing.




a morning reminder; you are an overcomer




Just a reminder today that you are an overcomer.

The human spirit’s tenaciousness is remarkable. Sometimes we don’t feel that way, do we? The weight of our struggles seem like too heavy of a load at times. Overcoming is a concept we’re sure doesn’t apply to us. But the truth is probably someone in the world has even bigger struggles than us and yet they’re overcoming them. So we can, too.

I don’t know what it feels like to be an overcomer. I have hunch it doesn’t feel heroic, strong, or any other noble sounding word. I have a hunch it doesn’t feel like anything at all. Overcoming is a verb not a noun, isn’t it?

For me, my strength to overcome stems from my relationship with God. For me, faith is an integral part of my overcoming. I can tell God how weak I feel, how weak I feel, and somehow He steps in to put my feet on the solid rock of His love and I can go on.

So today, if you want to be an overcomer don’t sit around and wait for “overcoming feelings” to show up. There is no such thing.



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