Someone once asked me ….

I like this young man’s poetry. Have so felt like this when I write. Difference is in the geography.

Immature Fruit

Someone once asked me, what ink do you write these words with ?
I said, “This ink of mine is of a special kind.”
“I make it myself, it is purely divine.”
Tell me the ingredients I would like to know ?
No problem my dear friend, just take a note.

Two drops of water from any mountain in Kashmir,
Five teardrops from any true lover in the world my dear.

Pluck an innocent flower from its roots,
Pray to God for forgiveness as you do.

Take some wine and mix it all in together,
Wait for the Saqi to come and measure.

For if only all your measurements are precisely right,
He will then look deep into your eyes that night.

If not then repeat the process a hundred times,
If so, take the ink and write down your first lines.

My friend this is just the ink I…

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