a morning reminder; you are an overcomer



Just a reminder today that you are an overcomer.

The human spirit’s tenaciousness is remarkable. Sometimes we don’t feel that way, do we? The weight of our struggles seem like too heavy of a load at times. Overcoming is a concept we’re sure doesn’t apply to us. But the truth is probably someone in the world has even bigger struggles than us and yet they’re overcoming them. So we can, too.

I don’t know what it feels like to be an overcomer. I have hunch it doesn’t feel heroic, strong, or any other noble sounding word. I have a hunch it doesn’t feel like anything at all. Overcoming is a verb not a noun, isn’t it?

For me, my strength to overcome stems from my relationship with God. For me, faith is an integral part of my overcoming. I can tell God how weak I feel, how weak I feel, and somehow He steps in to put my feet on the solid rock of His love and I can go on.

So today, if you want to be an overcomer don’t sit around and wait for “overcoming feelings” to show up. There is no such thing.