creative pursuits to manage depression

It’s hard for me to understand people who don’t have interests or never engage in creative pursuits. People who engage in nothing that excites them, nothing they can “lose” themselves in. They never experience being in the “zone”.

I don’t understand just going through the day and never engaging in a creative project. Maybe that’s because I have such a low tolerance for it myself. But then I got to thinking.

Could I have too many interests?

I went to an arts and crafts show yesterday, the upscale kind. I was with someone I had just met and as we walked around and looked at the various booths, I find myself often saying such things as, “I can’t buy anything here because I can make that myself.” I said that time and time again. Hopefully, it didn’t sound prideful. I don’t think it did.

When I got home, my hubby and I were sitting down to watch a TV show, and I grabbed an unfinished project to work on. I CANNOT just sit and watch TV. I can go to a movie and sit for two hours but that’s only because I’m munching on popcorn and that keeps my hands busy!

My mom once said to me that she wished she had something that really sparked her interest. I’ve a friend that has said the same thing.

I’m not suggesting everyone should be like me, have as many interests as I do. It can be very frustrating and hard to keep it all organized. Think about it.

If you like to knit, there’s all those supplies, there’s jewelry making supplies, woodworking supplies, paper supplies, art supplies. If you like to re-purpose and up-cycle projects, there’s all those supplies. I love to read, there’s all those books. Thanks goodness, blogging only requires this computer. If I had to store all my “words”, where would they go? (My husband would love for me to find a place to store my words. 🙂 )

Seriously, I think creative pursuits are important. Especially for mental health. While I don’t experience clinical depression anymore, just a occasional bout of some mild episodes, I find that when I am feeling  a little low, creative pursuits have always helped. I don’t mean I have to actually produce something wonderful. Sometimes  just playing with my supplies and organizing them does the trick.

But what if you don’t have any interests? I find that almost everyone has something creative they like to do. For some reason they don’t pursue it or they think it’s silly. Nothing creative is silly. Nothing. God created some pretty silly looking creatures. Here’s some examples.

He looks grumpy!

He looks grumpy!


Who? Me?

Who? Me?

Looks like he has the mumps!

Looks like he has the mumps!

Would you consider those creatures silly?

God certainly didn’t or He wouldn’t have breathed life into them.

If the issue is you don’t know what interests you, then buy (or borrow) the least tools you can for whatever even slightly interests you and give it a whirl. Keep experimenting till you find that one that gets you excited. You could even take out books from the library about various hobbies and interests and read about them. Talk to someone who does what creates a spark in you. Most people love to talk about their interests.

I started painting by enrolling in a drawing class on a whim. Had no clue if I would like it or be any good at it. That led to a few months of painting classes and then voila!, I was painting.



When I’m creating something, almost anything, I feel really close to God. Like I’ve tapped into a part of God that I can’t tap into in any other way.

God is the author of creativity. Aren’t we supposed to be like God? Wouldn’t nurturing our creative side draw us closer to a creative God?

Give it a try. I can almost guarantee you there is something out there that is sure to capture your interest.

God bless you and I hope you have a good day.


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    • You know I’ve been thinking about this. I think for me the “sign” is when the needs of others gets in the way of my relationship with God. And my personal relationship with God requires some “me” time. Thanks again and god bless.

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  1. Did you ever watch “Schindler’s List”? If you haven’t, you may ought to. Sometimes what we thought was of great value in life, is not so great in comparison to the salvation of even j-u-s-t o-n-e m-o-r-e soul… . Well, it was just a thought 🙂


    • Yes. I have. A couple of times. I don’t see a dichotomy. In fact I would go so far as to say that by taking some time for creative pursuits is exactly how we stay refreshed in our faith, whether it’s cooking, sewing, gardening, whatever. I often find that when I’m in the “zone”, I am more in tune with God’s leading. I know for sure that for me I would be easily overwhelmed by the burdens I see around me were it not for taking some time out. God bless and thanks so much for commenting.

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