Reflections To My Children

For my children and grandchildren. This is so good.

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Today has partially been spent on reflecting of the past. It is something that maybe many of us don’t do often enough. I don’t mean that sad, deeply introspective, guilt ridden type of thinking. I am just speaking of how I might have done things differently if the opportunity allowed me to redo them.

From the start, I must say that I have been truly blessed. The Lord has allowed me to have such a variety in my life. I honestly think that it would require 10 other men’s lives to have as much variety as I have had. From failures, triumphs, family, friends, fun, finances, foods, education, travels, etc. I have had a very full life. At 61 years old I do spend more time reflecting on these things.

Reflecting is a very Biblical thing to do. There are several Psalms that are reflections in old age. In Psalm…

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