Get rid of the naysayers in your life

Jesus kicked out “removed” the naysayers in Matt 10:23 because they didn’t believe He could perform a miracle.

Even Jesus knew that to surround Himself with disbelievers and skeptics could only cast a negative atmosphere here.

Could He had healed the young girl anyway? Of course.

Maybe it was for the peace of the girl when she woke up as earlier Jesus also removed the large noisy crowd that had gathered there.

We really don’t know why as there were other occasions where Jesus, under similar circumstances, did not take such action.

Whatever the reason, the fact that Jesus chose not to deal with naysayers in the room provides us with an important spiritual imperative.

There are times we need to walk away from, or send away, the naysayers in our life. For all kind of reasons.



If we are feeling particularly vulnerable, we don’t need them adding fuel to the fire. There is someone in my life like that and I have to limit my exposure.

We should always pick our battles and limit unnecessary drama, especially when the battles and the drama isn’t ours.

Naysayers are usually very negative and defensive people. Unless they choose to change, we aren’t going to change them. And, frankly, it’s not our job.

Besides, change always comes from within.

If possible, distance yourself from the naysayers in your life. This doesn’t mean you turn your back on them. Jesus certainly would’ve welcomed back those same scoffers had they shown a willingness to listen. We should, too.

Just take a break (if even for a short walk around the block or take longer in the bathroom 🙂 ) from the negativity that naysayers bring into your life.

If Jesus felt the need to, you certainly can as well.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.