Day: December 4, 2014

praying without actually praying

I had something interesting happen yesterday I wanted to share with you.

It’s Christmas right? That means busy, busy busy.



I had one of  those days on Monday. From the minute I woke up till I crashed around ten, I had not a moment to spare. I kept telling myself I would find time to sit down and spend some time with God.

It didn’t happen.

I felt ashamed. How could I, especially during the Christmas season, not make time for God?

starting the morning right

starting the morning right

But as I lay in bed that night and thought about my day, I realized something. I think this is really important.

Just as God’s timing is not ours, the twenty-four hour cycle is not His either.

Do we really think God is keeping track of whether we have a “sit-down” time with Him each morning?




Isn’t He far more concerned with who we’re becoming than whether we’re “on schedule”?

God's sense of time

God’s sense of time

I “communicated” with God all day about any number of things. In fact, I think I might say that because I hadn’t had my usual time with Him, I was hypersensitive to His voice all day.

Is it good to set aside time each day with God? Of course, it is. It’s good for us. It just starts our day off better and we feel good knowing we’ve done it. But there is nothing in Scripture that says God demands or even expects it.

In fact, isn’t the goal to always be in touch?

spirit of prayer

spirit of prayer

When we try to fit God into our way of thinking, we will always get it wrong. God does not think like us and we limit Him, when we assume He does.

The older I get the more I challenge what I’ve believed in the past. I challenge what I hear from the pulpit.

I listen, I read and I process but I don’t buy anything carte blanche anymore.

I’m presently reading the gospels, concentrating on what Jesus did and said. Not what other people say He did and said. (It’s a real eye-opener when you read this way.)

I hope you’ve found this post helpful if you’re spiritually over-sensitive. If you are, you know exactly what I mean. If you’re not, you have no idea what I mean and that’s probably good. 🙂

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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