Some Christmas pictures

Thought I’d give you a glimpse of some of my Christmas decorating projects. I change up the way I do things every year and almost always make many of my decorations from whatever I have lying around. I love handmade decorations the best.


This wreath is from a Dollar Tree foam ring that I cut in half. More bang for the “buck”.  I had some beaded garland that I never use anymore so I wrapped it around the wreath and added a bow. Ooops. Forgot to tell you, I spray painted the styrofoam base first with a yellow-green spray paint that matched the beads better. Also, I periodically hot glued the beads in the back to keep them in palce otherwise they don’t stay in place.




I would give you a virtual house tour but at this present moment, it’s a disaster. I’b be embarrassed and you’d be appalled.


Christmas "C"

Christmas “C” is made from tiny poinsettia garland nailed to pallet board that was whitewashed white

 close-up of "C"

close-up of “C”


close up

As i say, I love snowman. The red Christmas tree is a cheap Dollar Tree metal tree that I wrapped in red yarn. I love the blue “top knot”. I must have fifty of these yarn wrapped trees. Sometimes I make my own cone out of cheap poster board. I love making them and they are great fillers for empty spaces. Plus, I stack them on top of each other to store, so they’re really easy to store.

The tall tree in the metal is about two feet tall and scored at a garage sale a few years ago for a dollar.

entrance way

entrance way


The candle holders below were made from 4 x 4 fence posts. I whitewashed them and then sanded down the edges. The birds I found last year after Christmas at Hobby Lobby. The twig and pine cone piece in front is from the Dollar Tree a few years ago.

candle holders

candle holders


Next is a perfect blend of snowmen and old tin, which I collect.