Best Christmas Gift

Christmas light


I was going through some old Country Home magazines and came across a contest the magazine had sponsored in December 2004. Subscribers wrote about their best Christmas gift ever. This one was written by Becky Gwartney, Locust Grove,Oklahoma. It was the winner.

I am including it here word for word. (As I’ve given full credit to the author and the magazine, I assume it’s o.k. to do this.)

“When my son Darin, was twelve he asked for cash for Christmas.I had already purchased a few gifts, but that year money was tight. To make the amount seem larger, I devised a scavenger hunt. He seemed very please that he received $30. That night when the extended family went for a treat, Darin disappeared for several minutes. The next day, he presented his gift to us: a “night on the town” with a twenty dollar gift certificate to our favorite restaurant and a $10 movie theater certificate. He spent every penny to give us something special. What a special gift from a the heart of a special young man!

P.S. Darin is now a college senior, bound for medical school, and will be marrying the love of his life next summer. I’m sure she, too, will be the recipient of many heartfelt gifts.”

Isn’t that a sweet story?

It got me to thinking. I would love to hear what is your favorite Christmas gift.

I have two, both from my husband: a book of prose and a novel.  I cherish them above all else, outside of the author, that is. 🙂

What’s your favorite Christmas gift?