Every problem has a expiration date!

I like the title of this post. It’s a better way of saying that problems don’t last forever. God bless and I hope you have a good day.


As I sit in the office after a busy morning I look back on my life and I’m grateful for the expiration date on all of my past, present and current problems. 

I remember being 19 and my mom car not working so we had to walk to Kroger’s to get groceries. At first it bothered me because all my life my mom had a car and now me, her and my younger brother walked to get groceries. It upset me a lot because there was nothing I could do about it. Here we were totting heavy bags across a busy street every couple weeks and back then it felt like that was going to be my life, I felt like that phase would never end. I would dread going to get groceries even though I liked to eat and it wasn’t even like I was ashamed to be walking…

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