Week in review/Feb 21

This week I began the series on hearing God’s voice. As I read back over this past week’s posts, I am aware of how much more there was to say. But  that would be a book, right?

Just as sheep recognize their master’s voice, so I’m learning to recognize God’s voice more and more. With my ears, my eyes, my thoughts, my hobbies, etc.

I really do believe that God is always reaching out to us in more ways than we consciously know. I mean, think about it. God created us after using all His creative powers to create the world. To me that might just say that we are a part of all that and thus we hear God through all of that. I think all God’s creative powers came to fruition in one magnificent human being.

Sunsets, mountains, the waves crashing on the beach, life in the sea, life in the air, life under the ground…….

Why wouldn’t God speak to us through all of that?

sunshine 3

sunshine 3

As you go through this week–end, pay attention to all the creative avenues God uses to reach out to you.

God bless and I hope you have a good week-end.