Day: March 5, 2015

Encouragement can come from anywhere.

Got some kinda’ bad news today. Going to have to undergo more foot surgery.


Thankfully not a major foot reconstruction which would mean at least a year’s long recovery.

I’ve been limping for almost three years due to a condition called PTTD.


It’s getting old, so I’m agreeing to it. I don’t have to but if I don’t and the tendon ruptures, then major foot reconstruction will be inevitable. This way I have a chance to avoid it. I was a little upset but I know what I’m in for as this makes surgery number four although one was a double-whammy, so I guess it could be five. I’m very familiar with the whole recovery process.

Here’s the two procedures that will be performed.

foot surgery

This is to stop the foot from turning in.

lengthening tendon

This will lengthen the tendon


Then I saw a news update about a young woman who lost her leg during the Boston Marathon bombing. She’s had to undergo forty, that’s FORTY surgeries. When I consider that, I consider myself fortunate to know my foot may actually get better.

She has a prosthetic.

Not looking forward to the pain and inconvenience but I’ll manage.

God will be there every step of the way.

God bless and I hope yo have a good day.

“Retarded”, End the word

On behalf of my adorable grandson.



I’m not suggesting we end the use of the word when appropriate. And there are times it is. But let’s quit using it to describe someone who is “different”. And let’s not even think about criticizing the mom that chose to have her child.

This is my precious little guy. 

how to apply lower lid mascara without smudging/brilliant

Yesterday I was so irritated. After carefully applying my eye make-up and recently reading about how “Yes, we should wear mascara on our lower lids.”, I thought I’d give it a try.

A lot of smudging went on.

So wouldn’t you know it, I was “pinning” later and found this brilliant solution. I’m going right now to get my plastic spoon.

Who knew?

eye make-up

applying mascara to lower lid

God bless and I hope you have a good day.


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