Happy Easter and New Beginnings

Hi everyone and Happy Easter. I worked  hard at crafting this to be in the form of a cross. On my draft, it is. But when I look at the preview, it isn’t. Don’t know why it’s not keeping its format, but if it doesn’t ,will you at least imagine it for me? Thanks.

 An Easter message:

Fresh  beginnings.

Fresh  possibilities.

Promise of change.

  Christ died and rose again so that we have a life of hope

The rolled away stone opened the door to all things new

An empty tomb says

 we are not bound by

  mortality’s trappings.

  Death holds no fear.

   Peace is our to seek.

 Love is ours to  own

 Eternal  life   awaits.

  Forgiveness is  ours.

An empty cross and

An empty tomb and

   A    fresh   beginning.

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  1. I love your cross message. I hope you are healing well. Easter blessings, K