keeping one’s mood up on a dull, dreary day

I wrote that title and I’m thinking-“Hmmm, how do we do that?”


dreary day

I mean we all love sunny days better than dreary ones, don’t we?

We just naturally feel happier when the sun is shining. It’s probably built into our psyche. Our bodies seek whatever good-feeling vibes that the sun delivers. ( I read a report  from 2013 that the happiest people live in Finland where it’s dark a  lot. Go figure. Actually a lot of it has to do with their robust economy.)

Almost everyone I know feels more energized, more content, when the sun in shining. (Except in Finland, apparently.)

cat in sunshine

Me, too.

But I’ve learned through my past struggles with depression, that I don’t need to depend on outward circumstances for my sense of well-being.

I was a little worried about my recovery from this surgery where I”m  more or less confined for a number of weeks that my mood would plummet. It hasn’t and that encourages me. That tells me I’ve found that place in life where things don’t have to be perfect for me to be content.

And things are far from perfect.

I’m very concerned about a number of people. The details aren’t important but the concerns are indeed burdensome.

Have you ever wanted so much for someone to succeed and worried just as much that they may not?

But try as we might we can’t live someone else’s life for them. We can’t make the right choices for them. We can’t prevent their headlong fall into disaster even though we know how they can prevent it.

On a dull, dreary day like today as I remain immobile, I am assured that God is listening. God’s love and encouragement breaks through this dull day and my worrisome thoughts and sonshine fills my soul.

I continue to do what I’ve always done. Pray for all those in my life. I kind of have this thing. If someone is in my life on a regular basis, then they’re in my prayers as well. I know that for a number of people in my life I am the only one praying for them. That’s  huge to me.

Praying for those people in particular certainly breaks through the dreariness of the day. I find praying energizes me whether I ever pray for anything for myself of not.

we need dark days

This post has pretty much been written spontaneously. I hope it wasn’t too disjointed.

God bless and I hope your day is “sunny”.