young adults and depression

Last night I read a post by Diva on a Dime.You can find her latest post here.  I encourage you to read it. It’s a very good description of depression as experienced by a young woman. It’s always a good example of how to manage a bad day.

It reminded me how hard it is to be young. And young and depressed? Well, that is pretty miserable.


Why do we question the validity of a young person’s feelings? Why do we think that age as anything to do with it? Why do we think our moods are any less understandable?

I was there at her age and I would never want to go back.

Yet we know from our own experience how the world world is an oyster waiting for them to open. Time is on their side. I mean actual time, not just some illusive idea. We wish we were where they are. The truth is we are just a bit jealous of all those days and years. We wish we had some of that time back.

It’s so easy to think young people can’t feel the pain and emotional upheaval that we feel. “That they haven’t gone through enough,” we say. But at her age, I had experienced enough for a lifetime.

We diminish their pain and thus we diminish them.

I’m glad I read her post last night. It reminded me how depression can seem to jump out of the shadows and attack. (It doesn’t really. If we gave it enough thought, we can trace its source. Actually, Diva on a Dime did see it coming.)

So if you’re having a bad time right now, do what she did. Do the things that usually make you feel good. It’s interesting that she knew what that was. I’m not sure I always know myself.

Even if your plan doesn’t work as usual, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is you had a plan and you worked it. Working your plan makes you feel empowered and that’s always a good feeling when life feels outside your control..

God bless and I hope you have a good day.