Happy Mother’s Day. A message for daughters.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my followers who are mothers.

But this post is really to daughters, especially grown-up daughters.

We mothers are more than just mothers. First and foremost, we are woman.

Women who have ideas and thoughts worth listening to. Women who still dream. Women who care about our looks just as much as younger women. Women who want our opinions to be valued because we are women.

We’re proud to be mom’s but we were women first.

If some of you daughters are wondering what to get your mom for Mother’s day and there’s still time, take her out for coffee and just “talk”. Listen to what she has to say rather than dismissing her because she’s your mother. Actually ask her opinion about things. She might surprise you.

I’m fortunate because my daughter does do that and I really like that about our relationship. I always feel like my opinions are valued.

So while I’ve addressed this post to daughters and their relationship with their mothers, I’ve not forgotten that I’m a daughter, too.

As I share this with you I want to tell you I sometimes fail with my own mother. But I’ve made a concentrated effort to seek out her opinion. She no longer drives and has to depend on others. That makes her feel insignificant at times. She feels she’s too old for anyone to care what she thinks.

But I do. We disagree a lot and some people might question why I just don’t agree with her about everything. It’s simple. I respect her too much to patronize her in that way. It’s disrespectful.

So this wasn’t anything all flowery like a Hallmark card.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

That’s because mothers are real so treat them like the real people they are. They can’t be summarized with a lot sloppy sentimentalism.

God bless and I hope you have a great Mother’s Day.