An odd mother’s day. A rose between three thorns.

I was so excited about fixing dinner for my mom yesterday. She’s quite remarkable.

Anyway, I fixed this great pork roast.

Here’s the recipe:


One pork tenderloin.

One large onion, sliced or diced

One half bottle of any kind of BBQ sauce. I used different versions of Baby Ray’s.

One can apple pie filling, any brand.


Place roast in bottom of dutch oven.

In any order you want, layer the onions, apple pie filling and bbq sauce.

Bake at 350 degrees for about two-three hours. (Sometimes I pre-cook a little in microwave for about four minutes.)

I cooked small yellow potatoes in the microwave, placed them on a parchment lined baking sheet, covered them with wax paper and smashed them while warm with the heel of my hand. (They’re really hot so you need something to protect your hands unless you do it really quickly.) I covered them until the next day, at which time I sprinkled garlic and oil on top of them and roasted them about 40 minutes on 450 degrees till they are nicely browned and crispy. (Do not use butter. It’s the oil that crisps them.)

Here’s a similar recipe.

smashed potatoes

smashed potatoes

There are lots of variations of this. Oil is essential. You can add any herbs, etc. I love them with Garlic, Garlic by tastefully simple.

I seared asparagus on top of the stove and cooked green beans. I also broiled some garlic toast.

Dessert was this luscious lemon cake from the Cake Doctor cook book.  Here’s a link: I could not find the recipe on the web page but it is in my cook book.

The recipe I used called for added instant yellow pudding mix and lemon yogurt. Hope you can find it.

It’s very, very lemony and my mom loves lemon cake as does everyone else in the family. I love this cook book by the way and have received rave reviews for every cake I’ve made so far, which is about five.

So I set the table before going to church. Everything was going great. I called my mom to tell her when dinner would be ready.

But then the news.

She was sick and couldn’t make it. I was so disappointed. But it wasn’t unexpected. She’s been feeling ill for a week with some sort of sinus “thingee” but she seemed to be getting over it.

My brother lives with her so he came and my son and hubby were here, thus the rose among the thorns analogy. So here I am on Mother’s Day cooking a meal for the guest of honor that never showed up.

Such is life.

But it got me to thinking about how my days with my ninety-year old mom are growing shorter. Hopefully not for quite awhile. After all, my grandmother lived till almost one hundred and three years old and I have an aunt over one hundred. I come from some strong stock.

But even though she couldn’t come the effort I made on her behalf was well worth it to me.

Sometimes it’s the doing of something not the outcome that makes it worthwhile.

And throughout the planning the meal, the shopping for the meal and the preparing for the meal, it was all about my love for her.

So while I’m finishing this post, guess who calls?

My mom.

Even though she has this sinus thing going on, she ate the meal I sent home with my brother anyway and said that was the best meal she’d ever had. Ditto from my brother, my son and my hubby.


And they said I was just a “pretty face” 🙂

God bless and have a good day.