Waiting on God

You’ve heard me post about a “guest” who has been staying with us since January. Some of those posts can be found here, and¬†here.

In the most recent post, I shared how sometimes we have to walk away emotionally to give a person a time to heal. Some people call it tough love. I call it self-protection. ūüôā

Over the week-end¬†we heard a very different “voice” coming from our guest. It was a voice of someone who seems to be maturing. Someone whose personal pain and confusion of the last few months has finally got through to them. We hope it is genuine.

We are waiting for their actions and words to come together in a lovely kind of symphony which will be music to our ears.

music to our ears

music to our ears

It’s hard to watch someone you love grow up because growing up almost always comes with a certain degree of pain.

We’ve been waiting a long time (longer than just the time they have stayed with us) to see this happen. We would have preferred for it to be an easy transition from teen-ager to adulthood. But wouldn’t we all like to learn the easy way? And how many of us actually do?

Rites of passage are never without soul-searching.

My husband and were often very frustrated, but we just kept praying. But while we didn’t give up on them, we gave up a lot of other things.

Let me explain.

We gave up trying to ‘force” a conversation. We gave up pretending some things didn’t bother us and addressed these firmly. We gave up trying to do too much.

Mostly we gave up trying to be God and we let God do the work that only he could do while we did what we could do.

We’re smart enough to know there will be still be some bumpy roads, maybe quite bumpy.

Growing up isn’t a sprint; it’s a long-distance run.

I hope you are encouraged. And if someone you know is struggling, you might be the one they come to for help. Be ready with your compassion. Be ready to help but not over-sympathize.  Be ready to be tough and honest. No one is ever helped permanently by agreeing with everything they say all the time.

Jesus certainly didn’t.

(I’ll be doing a series¬†about forgiveness in the near future but till then just be aware that forgiveness is not ignoring the hurt and pain and it’s not necessarily reconciliation.)

Until then, God bless and I hope you have a good day.