Day: May 25, 2015

An oops post.


Was taking pics for Craig’s list and somehow hit “publish”.

So maybe I should say something.

This is a workbench I’ve used for years. But it’s time to go.

I’ve learned that any horizontal surface is just a breeding ground for clutter. It seems to multiply all by itself. Besides, some things have to go so other things can present themselves.

We’re giving it away for free. All someone has to do is pick it up.

I excited about all the clearing out we’re doing and anxious to see what God will bring my way.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

the right thing to do

the right thing to do/google images

the right thing to do/google images

I love it when I do the right thing because even when I know the right thing to do, I don’t always do it. Especially if I’m tired. Especially if it interrupts my plans. (I hate to have my plans interrupted.)

But most especially I hate it when I know that doing the right thing may turn out sour for me. I mean haven’t you had that happen? Like maybe you return something to a store because they undercharged you and you don’t even get a “Gee, that is so honest of you.”

Yet, in the end I’m always glad I did, especially when it didn’t benefit me in any way. Am I the only one or are there others there out in  blog land who are as conflicted as I am about doing the right thing and then afterwards being conflicted about it?

doing right thing

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