How prayer is not an exercise

Prayer is not an exercise; it is a way of life.

On the days we can’t sit and pray and read our Bibles because God has called us to action, we can still be exercising prayer.

We’re shooting up prayers all the time. We are in a continuous “state of prayer”.



Like when someone is in the hospital. What do you think God expects? Do you honestly think it’s more important we have our “special” time or that we hightail it to the hospital first thing so we can get the doctor’s report.

Do we really need to ask?

And yet I’ve known people who are so caught up with their “spirituality”, they do just that.

While it’s good to have a regular time with God, we have to be careful that our habit doesn’t become more habit than privilege.

Today I’m way late for my devotions. I had to pick up my mom from the hospital, check her medication, schedule a follow-up appointment and start her dinner.

That was my prayer.

Hope your day is going well.

God bless all who read this today.