FAQ: How do you paint signs with stencils?

I love making signs. I found this tutorial especially good and wanted to share it with you. You can find more on my Pinterest board titled “signs”,

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I was actually ‘in the process’ of taking pictures and doing this post a couple of weeks ago when I was so unceremoniously interrupted by etsy; and side-tracked by that whole process.  And while I went into great detail on how I do things in that post (per the requirements of etsy), I did not include every tiny detail.  It was long enough as it was!   I’ll be reusing some of the photos from  that  post , but not going over ALL the same information.   Just filling in some of the blanks.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 146I almost always have a stash of ‘ready to stencil’ boards on hand for sign making.   That prep work is kinda BORING and when I feel like creating, I don’t feel like having to do the boring part first!  BUT, there are also times when I’m NOT feeling creative at ALL, but I…

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