Why is God responsible for our mistakes?

Proverbs 19:3

The foolishness of man ruins his way, and his heart rages against the Lord.

I don’t think I need to explain but, of course, I will.

Why do people blame God for their mistakes?

blaming God 2

It happens all the time.

Someone loses their their job because they kept coming in late. They got behind in their house payments for a house they couldn’t afford in the first place. It’s a downhill spiral and eventually the blame starts,

“Why is God doing this to me?”

Someone else can’t get out of bed in the morning because they’re so depressed. They don’t get dressed; they slouch on the sofa all day watching reality shows with people screaming at each other for an hour. They avoid people then go to bed asking,

“Why doesn’t God make me better?”

It plays out everyday in countless different ways.

People are always willing to blame God for the bad things in their life but never willing to praise God for the good things in their life.

We can’t have it both ways.

The reason we blame God is because we take no personal responsibility for our actions.

Of course, we don’t want to praise Him when things go right because we want to take all the credit.

The concept of personal responsibility is almost obsolete these days. Pretty soon, using the words personal and responsibility will be considered “politically incorrect”.

Here’s some more examples:

We give teachers total responsiblity to educate our children so when our children do poorly we can blame them, not us.

We “fudge” certain government documents or don’t fully disclose everything so we can receive certain benefits.

We are willing to let our church educate us spiritually and never study the Bible for ourselves.

Another word for personal responsibility is integrity. If we value integrity, it makes personal responsibility a given.

(Disclaimer: I haven’t watched this entire video, but what I did watch I agreed with.)

Let’s quite blaming God for everything when we play such a big part in what happens to us.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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