What is the best sacrifice to offer God?

(Sorry for this getting published without editing. That’s what happens when you post from your cell phone. Think I’ve corrected everything.)

So many times Christians think that if they sacrifice something for God, it shows him how much they love him.

But let me remind you that first, we needn’t give up anything unless God himself asks it of us.

Secondly, the sacrifice that God requires is so simple. It’s thanksgiving. Psalm 50:14.

Today I’m offering praise that I can walk even though every time my feet take a step, pain rears its ugly head somewhere in my lower forty.

I pick my feet because it’s the one place I’m most tempted to feel sorry for myself. And self-pity never does anyone any good.

So today try to offer thanks for that one “Achilles heel” (Boy, am I on a roll or what?) that gets in your way.

baby steps

Try to find the good in it.

I don’t mean you ignore or try to make light of it. Just that you try to take the sting out of it by looking at it in a different way.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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