How to handle the rocky roads.

(I hope you will read these two link-backs to earlier posts. As I wrote yesterday, many of my earlier posts never saw the light of day because of my very limited blogging abilities back then. I am unashamedly hoping you will read them as I’m going to be starting a serious of posts in October about a subject very dear to me, one I’ve researched a lot.  It will be about our thoughts, what they are, how they work, and how best to manage them. I feel these posts show a little of my growth in this area and would be helpful to those of you who will read this upcoming series.)

We are in the middle of another project. And wouldn’t you know it, it wasn’t without complications.

Deja vu.

At one point, I was thinking of postponing the project. I wanted to have a clear head when making decisions. Mistakes would’ve been costly.

So I did put everything on hold for a couple of weeks till I was sure my mom was on the road to recovery. She’s been home over a month and her blood counts are stable. Last week we got the ball rolling.

I could have waited till everything was just right, but when would that be anyway?

So, what is the best way to really handle the uneven roads of life we all face?

All we really have to do is accept a couple of things.

                                                          1. Life is never smooth for long.

                                                          2. Change is the only consistent  in life.

winding roads of life

winding roads of life

Frankly, I don’t do well with this. I like answers. I hate ambiguity. But to the degree we roll with the changes, is the degree to which we will be mentally healthy.

I want my mom to be around forever. I want everyone close by. I want my life twenty years from now to look like it does now. (And me, too.:) )

But if it did I wouldn’t be any closer to meeting God and I s-o-o-o-o-o want some answers.asking God questionsBut you know what? 

When that day comes, I don’t think I will have even one question to ask because the blinding light of God’s love will overshadow everything.

We have no choice but to sway in rhythm with the ups and downs on this journey we call “life”. It’s like the rip tides that are so prevalent during the summer. The professional advice is to never try to swim away from them but to swim parallel to them.swaying to the rythm

I just hope I don’t get nauseous from the ride.

smiley face

God bless and have a good day.