WhenGod’s revelations overwhelms us 

God revealed some things to me this morning that have been astounding. I wish I could share them with you but some things are meant to be kept between us and God. 

But I’m sure some of you have experienced the same thing. 

If not, I hope you do someday.

Here’s the thing:

I never asked for it.

I never expected it.

I certainly didn’t know I needed it.

The timing, however, is nothing less than perfect. 

It was an ordinary morning.





I don’t have a clue.

But the revelations will be life-changing. (And no, I didn’t see any visions or hear any audible voices.😉)

It was just God in his miraculous way, giving me what I had no clue I needed.

Our father is always far more aware of our needs than we are. In fact, what we consider our needs are almost never what God knows are our needs.

God surprised me more today than I can ever remember.

An ordinary day. 

An extraordinary God.

God bless and be prepared. God may just surprise you, too.