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Why I like Hallmark Christmas movies

OK, can I tell you a secret?

telling a secret


Get ready. This is going to shock you.

If you want to know,  you’re going to have to keep reading.

love Hallmark Christmas movies.

Hallmark movies

The schmaltz

The sappy stories

The bad writing sometimes

The happy endings

The uplifting message

No bad language

No violence

No guns

No people jumping into bed with each other

And always totally predictable.

I have eleven recorded and seven scheduled. Yep.

Hallmark movies

I watch as many as I can and I tell myself that this is what life is supposed to be like.

We’re meant to live happy, fulfilled lives. Not everyone does, I know. But to think that no one does is false as well.

Why not be inspired and calmed by good movies, no matter how unrealistic we think they are instead of “over-adrenalized” by the violent (and just as unrealistic) ones?

We stuff ourselves with food. We overload with gifts. Why not feed ourselves some sappy as well?

Right now I’m watching “Angels in the Snow” and I’m tearing up.

There is so much evil around us. Meanness. Gun violence. Terrorism. What used to be unexpected is now the predictable.

What’s wrong with taking out two hours every night and remind ourselves of all the good that really exists?  To just escape from the drama and trauma of all that’s happening around us.

Try a Hallmark movie this Christmas. And just enjoy it for what it is.

God bless and have a good day.





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