Love. Peace. Comfort

I wanted to re-blog this tonight during the Republican debates. Would’ve also posted it if it were the Democrat debates. Life is a great big circle. We need to remember that groups of people have names. They are individuals who for the most part are just trying to live their lives. They do not mean harm. I am a true conservative but I’m liberal in my acceptance of good and decent people regardless of their background or religion. I want that same acceptance. It’s is loosely based on a real situation. God bless.

This Little Light of Mine

A quiet and kind man sits in his office and ponders the difference a year can make: not only professionally but also personally. He reads and shakes his head at the news: a presidential contender wants to make a database of Muslims in the United States so they can be tracked. Singling out groups of people based on religion always leads to suffering. He reads how people are afraid that Syrian refugees could be terrorists. He thinks of his family in Syria who are living in a war-torn country and how there’s little he can do for them here in the United States. How they would give the shirt off their back to help someone in need, regardless of the other person’s religion. He has lost family and friends in this war.

He gets up from his chair and walks around the building to clear his mind. He walks past his former…

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