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How to to recognize grace when it appears.


Sometimes God shoots grace our way  when we least expect it. We might not even recognize it till after the fact. We should, of course. Especially when we’re struggling or busy, like during the Christmas season.

But maybe that’s exactly why.

We get so entrenched in the problem or the busyness, we don’t see the ray of grace when it shines down on us.


It’s kind of like an experienced I had with someone once.

She has suffered some significant losses over a few short years and depression had set in. She finally agreed with her doctor that she needed to be on some medication for a short while.

After having been on it for about three weeks, I could tell she was getting better by observing almost imperceptible changes in her behavior. But I’m the one that noticed them first. She didn’t see it herself. She had been focusing on her depression for so long that she didn’t see the little ray of sunshine peeking through that I did.

I had a similar experience but it escaped my over-stuffed mind. Right in the middle of sharing my day with my husband. As the words slipped over my tongue, I heard those words and realized I had experienced God’s grace that day in an almost overlooked moment.

I was like my friend. I had been so preoccupied I almost missed it.

God seldom shouts. He almost always whispers and that’s precisely why we need to listen better.

Grace gives us hope for tomorrow and breathing space for today.

I hope you find grace this Christmas season.

Be on the look-out for it. Don’t let it escape you because you are so involved in the busyness of the season.

Christmas shopping

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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