Why I shop after Christmas sales

Now comes the “after Christmas shopping”.

Christmas shopping

Do any of you go out and buy your gift wrapping paper for next year?

How about discounted Christmas decorations?


I don’t do any  of this because I learned a long time ago that nothing is cheaper the day after Christmas.

JoAnn’s has already discounted Christmas by 70%. So why bother?

Target almost is never discounted more the day after than it was the day before.

HOWEVER, there is one item I’m interested in enough to head out and face the madness.


(Here’s what I ended up with. $1.99 a skein MINUS 20%. Yikes, only about $1.60. per skein. Why didn’t I buy it all? It’s really soft yarn. Only problem is I have to use smaller needles which means the scarves don’t go as fast. )yarn balls

There is a  wonderful yarn sale at JoAnn’s plus there is an extra 20% off of that price. So that’s a great deal.

Here’s the plan. I’d like to knit some really special “shawls” for all the women on my Christmas list. Plus, I like to have “busy” hands at all times.

If you’re not a knitter, these may not appeal to you.  But if you are, look at some of these beautiies.




I knitted this one. It’s a great length and width. The variegated yarn worked up really nice.

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  1. wrapping paper is always on clearance after Christmas too, I try to stock up on it then so I don’t pay inflated prices the following Christmas

    • Would you believe I have so much wrapping paper I didn’t have to go this year. I stocked up last year. I don’t think I mentioned but I also shop The Dollar Tree. I learned last year that Dollar Tree actually has after Christmas sales. I mean what’s better than paying fifty cents rather than a dollar? When I was checking out, some of my items (which had not been in the store the entire season) came up priced at twenty-five cents! The clerk said the store had received a huge shipment AFTER Christmas and they had to get rid of everything. How luck was that?