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How my faith was challenged by simple mac ‘n’ cheese

Yesterday, I headed down a spiritual path after fixing some mac ‘n’ cheese for my husband.

I made a roux out of butter, flour and milk and added three different cheeses, whatever I had on hand (definitely not low-cal). This time it was plain ole’ shredded cheddar, mozzarella, and some sort of soft cheese with no label. Just your common ordinary cheese-nothing from a speciality store or even a good deli.

I had some pureed butternut squashed that I had taken out of the freezer for dinner the next day.  Hey, why not throw some of that in as well?

Hubby didn’t think he’d like it so I divided up the mac ‘n’ cheese up and added the squash to my part.

I sprinkled Panko crumbs on top, and popped it in the oven for about forty-five minutes and that was that.

Can I just say my portion with the squash addition was wicked good. My husband agreed to taste a bite of mine and he liked it too. Ha!

Sorry, I didn’t take pictures but I do have a picture of the leftovers. I know, I know. But I just never know how these recipes are going to turn out plus I don’t have a fancy camera, just my phone.


I added pimento to this next picture so it would look better. Remember, this isn’t a cooking blog.

“Not hardly”. (said John Wayne in the movie “True Grit.”

John Wayne My husband can just about cite every word to many John Wayne movies. I didn’t even have to “google” this. I just walked into the kitchen and asked him. 🙂 )

mac n cheese

And because I have a kind of a wandering and wandering mind, this new concoction got me to thinking:

Our spiritual lives are somewhat like the standard mac ‘n’ cheese. We’re afraid of change because it might not “taste” so good. We prefer resisting change to tackling the unknown.

We’re afraid to step out in faith into unchartered territories because what if we fail?

I’m the same way. I really have to finish something I started a while ago but I’m afraid. Many self-help books suggest that one of the best ways to see that one accomplishes their goals is to let others in on it.

I’m just not sure if I’m ready for that. As an artist (and artists everywhere agree with this), we don’t let others see our paintings while “in process”.  So maybe when I’m further down the road……

Anyway, the next time you eat mac ‘n’ cheese, think about how you can change it up and remember:

A creative step in one area almost always guarantees a creative step in another.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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