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Want to see some great and unusual decorating ideas?

(As you know, I’m on vacation. I’m in Florida just for a few more days. (I’m experimenting with the time I post. I read somewhere that the afternoon was better so am giving that a shot. I’ll go back to my previous slot if this doesn’t work out. Bear with me. K?)

(My apology. This was supposed to publish at 3:00 today but I forgot I have to use military time. So here it is.)

We are going to be heading home to cold weather this week-end. Oh, how I’m going to miss the sound of the ocean outside my room. How I’m going to miss  watching the waves roll in. Oh, how I’m REALLY going to miss the warm weather and the long walks on the beach.

But as is usually the case when I’m on vacation, I’m going home pumped with some decorating ideas. By the way, why is it we make all these plans when we’re away and then seldom execute them when we’re home.

Oh, I know. It’s called “life”. We can have all kinds of big plans when they’re is nothing else vying for our attention, can’t we? When reality hits, the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking care of an elderly parent, etc, those plans can just go up in smoke, huh?


I was in a cute clothing boutique the other day and I saw this and thought, “Wow, I LOVE this!” But alas, I can’t think of a place to do some of it. Maybe at “teeney tiny red cabin” or “LaCabinette”.

This may definitely anyone else’s idea of great but I love anything creative and unusual. This is a plank board wall. Some of the boards are stained, some are painted and some are covered with fabric. I mean, how cute is this? I have two walls at “La Cabinette”  that might just have to be subjected to this.

plank board wall

Here’s another photo. It just keeps getting cuter, doesn’t it?

plank board wall

And here it is from across the room.

plank board wall

The only thing I would probably do different is choose a lighter stain.

Now here’s another cute idea. I’ve actually seen this on Pinterest. Don’t have a clue where I will do this, but I’m thinking somewhere on my deck.

I like combining the floral strips with the solid ones. This would cute on a Christmas tree as well.



fabric garlandi

Then I saw these at my favorite store.

beach house spheres

Here’s are the spheres I made at home from embroidery hoops.  I’m thinking, “Hey, why not take these apart and wrap them in jute?”

embroidery hoop spheres


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