Month: April 2016

digging in dirt

the week in review and digging in dirt

This week started If you’re happy and you know it, don’t ignore it. This was all about enjoying your life even if you’re the only one.

God leads

On Tuesday I wrote This is the coolest bathroom ever! I hope you saw it.

unique bathroom

Friday I asked for your help with all those toilet paper rolls.

toilet paper roll

It wasn’t a big posting week. Not because I didn’t have a lot to say, but because I’ve been concentrating on next weeks posts. Plus, I haven’t been feeling so good.

Our weather here on the west side of Michigan has been dark and dreary. The sun is finally peeking out today and it’s supposed to be a wonderful weekend. I’m looking forward to working in my garden all day.

It’s so therapeutic for me. To dig in the earth is, for me, like getting connected with God.

Dirt hasn’t changed. 


It’s the same now as it was thousands of years ago. Somehow I find that comforting. Very comforting. Kind of feel more “rooted” when I’m digging in the dirt.

Years ago I wrote all the music for a Daily Vacation Bible School program. This is one of the sort little choruses.

I’m gonna’ dig in,

I’m gonna’ plant my feet,

I’m gonna’ dig in, 

I refuse to know defeat.

I’m gonna’ dig in 

And keep on diggin’

Diggin’ till I reach the Promised Land.

It was complete with hand gestures as you can easily picture. 🙂

For my own reasons, tomorrow is going to be one of those “diggin’-in-and-planting-my-feet-in-the-dirt-that’s-as-old-as-this-earth” kind of day.

digging in dirt

God bless and I hope you have a wonderful week-end.


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