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Why a paint roller in my hands is not good

OK. I think you know:

1. I consider myself a fair artist.

daisies/original art

Original art, by Rebecca Platt. Not to be re-published without my consent.

2. You also know I like to paint furniture. This is my stash from last year. I would love to show you the “after” but I can’t find the pictures.

furniture projects

3. You also know, I just love paint, in general, especially spray paint.

4. Oh, and I also can edge a room very well and I’m good at painting trim.

5. But put a paint roller in my hand and I’m downright dangerous.


I told you Friday that we were painting our dining room this week-end. My husband must have forgotten observation fact number five, because he let me roll the bottom part of the walls below the chair rail.

My area was spotty and uneven. But I do have an excuse. My hands are very small and not at all powerful. I have to use two hands to hold the roller and can’t keep it even. Thank goodness the second coat covered up my bad painting job.

I’m not accessorizing until I edit. I so-o-o need to edit. Do you? I mean isn’t that what spring is all about, editing?

I don’t know about you but I have a hard time with the accessorizing. I’m forever changing out my vignettes.

Anyway, the room is done and if it’s possible to be in love with a room, I am. No pictures yet. Maybe next week.

So if you’re “editing” and like me you have a problem with “vignettes”, here’s some pictures you might find helpful.

I like the wire basket on the shelf. I have four of them that I’ve never decorated with before so I think now just might be the time.

decorating vignettes

decorating vignettes 3

  I really like this display. I have two jars but I’ll need to find the third.

decorating vignettes


And a couple of my own. I love this wooden bowl. May daughter gave it to me. She had received it as a “white elephant” gift at a Christmas party and didn’t want it. Who doesn’t want an old wooden bowl? She’s not getting it back either. 🙂

wine bottles and star

I love these birds. They’ve been in just about every room in my house.

vignette with birds


I collect creamy white pitchers. These are some of my favorites. Love the three tiny ones.

dining room (12)

Anyway, I hope I’m not the only person that obsesses with this whole vignette thing.

Until tomorrow, God bless and have a good day.


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