The week in review and what’s up with Goodwill?

So….. this week was much better than last week.

Monday I posted about how much I love curbside junk. In fact one piece I found last year is now up at the bunk house getting a re-do. I’ll show you the pics when I’m done.

junk on the curbside

Tuesday I offered some encouragement for those who were feeling “down”. I hope someone was helped.

Wednesday I continued to offer hope by writing a post about what to do when bad news overwhelms us. The point here was to make it a point to remember how God has blessed us in the past.

God is love

Thursday was an updated re-post about one of my pet peeves as far what I hear Christians spout way too quickly. And that is the assuming that every open door has been opened by God and every closed door has been closed by God. While God does open and close doors, it’s rare and usually only after prayer and reflection on our part.

open door

When I hear people say that I would love to know how they’ve come to that conclusion. We ourselves very often are the ones that open and shut those doors. And I’m not pointing fingers. I’ve done it myself but I’ve learned some hard lessons when I’ve been too quick to walk through an “open” door and too quick to assume it’s been “closed”.

Friday I posted about a funny piece about my not-so-good previous day. Hope you enjoyed it.


And finally, what’s up with Goodwill. I stopped by one today and almost croaked at some of the prices. I almost went to one of the clerks and asked them, “Who did your pricing? These prices are ridiculous.” I didn’t but I was close.

Seriously there was a bunch of ratty looking branches of something. Guess how much?Fifteen dollars!!!! That was retail pricing.

Then there was this picture, big but not huge, just a print–thirty dollars!  Come on now, Goodwill. Get with the program.

I sure am glad garage sales are starting.

So that’s enough of my rant. 🙂

God bless and hit some garage sales this week-end. K? (And be sure to let me know what you find.)