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What is the one gift God gives to all of us?

Obviously, the greatest gift God has given us is forgiveness and eternal life. But there are many gifts we seldom think of as a gift, and yet they are.

One of God’s gift to us and often never received is this: potential.

brain potential


God’s gift to us: potential.

Our gift to God: developing it.

Author unknown

We all have so much potential that never gets developed, so many gifts never to be uncovered. What gets in our way?

So what gets in our way?

Probably fear is one of the biggest reasons. My goodness, what if we fail? Or perhaps worse yet, what if we succeed?

For example, I would love, (I tell myself) to have thousands upon thousands of followers. Maybe a million.

Really? Who am I kidding? That would mean blogging would be practically a full-time job and I wouldn’t be able to do all the other things I love doing. More importantly, it would take away from the people I love.

I’ve shared this story before but I’ll share it again because it really works here. During my very first watercolor class, I sat on my stool for a long time. The paints and brushes were all ready. The paper was taped down and waiting. Finally, after everyone in class was painting away, my very intuitive teacher came over and whispered in my ear,

“Rebecca, it’s only a three dollar piece of paper.”

daisies/original art

daisies/original art

Enough said.

God bless and have a “fearless” day.



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