the week in review and meeting needs

Summer in Michigan is almost here.

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People who live here love summer. Our summers are usually beautiful. But they’re short. So most of us are busy, busy, busy during those months. That means making plans.

But God is the Great Interrupter of our plans.

And I’m so glad.

I stand in amazement every day that God cares so much for us he doesn’t give us peace until we do as we should. Even this morning, I found myself thanking him that the day wasn’t going the way I planned.

Because every time this happens (and it happens a lot), I know there are people whose needs I should address and that makes me feel useful to God. There might well come a time when I can’t be used in this way so I’m grateful that God gives me opportunities now. I just wish my heart got to this acquiescence a little sooner.

So here’s how last week went. I started Monday with meme called Can we please exchange Monday for Friday?

Tuesday’s It’s hard to know was a reblog. It was a wonderful piece of prose. If you haven’t read it yet, why not read it now?

Wednesday was  A video about 2016 election. Not what you think!  It was by pastor /author/ teacher, Andy Stanley.

2016 election

Thursday, How stones can keep us grounded, shared why I like stones and how connected I feel to God when I handle them. I also shared what I’ve done with some of them.


How God reaches out to us when we’re depressed was Friday’s post. It continued my theme about stones/rocks from Thursday. I shared one of my favorite verses in Psalm that I often use as vivid imagery when depression starts to hover around the edges of my life.

set my feet upon a rock

It’s been a good week. I’ve felt God’s presence even though I will be first to admit there has been little time for my usual “devotions” because I’ve been out-of-town. But I’m also at a place in my life where God and I talk pretty much all the time.

I hope your weekend is enjoyable and you find time to do some of the things you enjoy.

God bless and have a good one.