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week in review and a bittersweet week coming up

This has been a kinda’ quiet week and some good things have happened. We learned why my mom has felt so bad lately;  she’s quite anemic. That was good news because we were grasping at straws where her health was concerned.

I pray for wisdom about my mom every day. I ask God to direct me to whatever resources will lead me in the right direction. So last week I insisted my mom be scheduled for a complete blood panel and that’s when we learned she is anemic. Had God not put the thought in my head about more blood work, she might have ended up in the hospital again.

I began the week praising God publicly for so many good things in my life.

Somehow, I missed Tuesday but Wednesday I wrote about ANTS. I’m not telling you what that is about. You’ll just have to read that post.


Thursday was a post about honoring God and how we do that.

how we honor God


Friday was a post centering on Philippians 2:3.

connecting the dots

This next week is bittersweet for my hubby and I. Our oldest grandson is going to spend the week with us. He leaves for college this fall so this is our last big hoorah. He and his grandfather are going to be fishing A LOT! And wouldn’t you know it, my husband pulled a muscle in his thigh today and can barely walk.

Can I ask for prayer for him? This is an important week for the three of us and it would be awful if he and our grandson are unable to do all they planned.

God bless and have a great week-end.