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what to do with a six year old for a week

So what do you do with a six-year-old for a week?

Well, we climbed sand dunes. I am so fortunate in that I live about two blocks from Lake Michigan and the most beautiful sand dunes.

But can I say, if you go off the beaten trail and take some side trails they’re steep and not easily walked on. He loved it though.

at the dunes



This is on the rocks by the channel that leads out to the Lake Michigan.

at the dunes

This is a box of “stuff” he brought with him. Don’t ask.


But, by golly, he used the dustbuster to clean up his spilled popcorn. How cool is that?


After three days, we headed to the cabin for lots of fishing,


and painting,


and ice cream cones,

cabin Joshua 2016

and swinging in the hammock pretending it was a ship. We stuck long walking sticks into the holes of the hammock so we could “paddle”. My bright idea. We ran into storms, pirates, piranhas, lion, tigers, etc. (The picture below is before I came up with that idea. Shoulda’ left it at just quiet reading.)

hammock 2016Of course, he was the Captain.

at the cabin 2016

Then there was a walk at Seaton Creek up near Mesic, Michigan. We were told the path led to a suspended, swinging bridge across the Big Manistee River. The park attendant said it was about two miles. Now two miles is easy for me. I walk that every day in thirty minutes. So after thirty minutes and no bridge I was ready to turn back because now we’re at four miles, right?

But he insisted we keep going. The path got more difficult but we kept going. After about forty-five minutes, we finally arrived at the bridge. Oh, did I tell you, we forgot water because it was supposed to be a short little jaunt?

Seaton Creel 2016

Seaton Creel 2016

Seaton Creel 2016

Finally, the bridge.


In between all of those activities, there was movies and popcorn, and laughing, and teasing. There was collecting rocks along the gravel road and skipping rocks in the water.

It was quite a week. We’re already planning for next year.

We are thoroughly exhausted but just as thoroughly feeling blessed. Two weeks with two grandsons. Does it get any better than that?

God bless and have a good day.

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