Day: July 15, 2016

When doctors scare you with the “cancer” possibility

I mentioned in my post on Monday that I had a doctor’s appointment last week and that I would write about it later. Well, this is later.

(This was supposed to have published this morning. I’m looking right at my screen where it says “Publish on: Jul 15, 2016 @11:00. So I have no clue what happened except my computer was down last night and maybe it didn’t save after I entered the date and time. But here it is.)

I’ve liked my doctor in the past very much. But as I write that, I realize I haven’t had a lot of visits with him. In fact, I really don’t have any serious health issues but from what I recall, I’ve always liked him.

doctor's bedside manner

I have had doctor’s appointment in the last few years but they have been foot doctors and back doctors. The last couple of years I only saw the Physician’s Assistant. Which was fine.

I have been particularly tired which is unusual for me and seeing as I’ve had no blood work done in years, maybe I should make an appointment.

  • My blood pressure was 120/80. (I’m so proud.)
  • I had lost twelve pounds. (Even prouder.)
  • My pulse was 56. (Has always been good.)

(You should know I’ve worked really, really hard to get those results, walking or working out six out of seven days. Eating extremely healthy.)

When my doctor came in, I told him that I thought my fatigue might be nothing, that we’d been crazy busy for two months but that I thought I should at least check it out.  I told him that no matter how tired I am, I can still push myself to exercise about six days a week. Continue reading “When doctors scare you with the “cancer” possibility”