How does authentic change begin?

Anyone can change.

Anyone can change anything.

We’re all good at sprinting. That’s the “nature” part in human nature.

But what about long-lasting change. Do we start anywhere different? Do anything different?

I think we do.

Real change (now I’m talking to Christians) begins with God. What does God what want you to change?

  • Not what you think needs to change.
  • Not what anyone else thinks you need to change. (A caveat-at times the Holy Spirit will give other people special insight for you. Don’t always discount it. Listen and let the Holy Spirit help you discern the truth.)
  • Not what anyone else has changed in their own lives.

If you’re at all like me, you’re continually trying to better yourself in some area. Sometimes, I might think it’s “this” part of my life and other times it’s “that” part of my life.

But quite often, even though those were areas that did need to change at some point, they were not what God had in mind right then. Or if they were, I went about them the wrong way.

Lately, I have felt led to change my health habits. I’m one of those lucky people who have few health problems. But that doesn’t give me a free pass to eat whatever I want and be a couch potato. In fact, because I have been so blessed in this regards, I have more of a responsibility.

To whom much has been given, much is required.

Plus, I felt like God was saying I’m too anxious at times and need to give myself more breathing room.

I believe God led me to change my health habits as the first step to a less anxious life. Between the severe reduction of sweets in my life and the walking, not only do I feel better physically, but my anxiety is greatly reduced due to fewer swings in glucose levels.

I most definitely know that God is behind these “prompts”. I have learned to recognize my Father’s voice.

So that’s where we begin. By recognizing just who is doing the directing towards change.

For change to be God-honoring, it first has to be God-led. 

We do that by asking God to reveal to us those areas where we need to grow spiritually. Next, we read our Bible regularly to learn what is His general will for all of us.

Then we simply listen for the “prompts”from the Holy Spirit, that still small voice that should be as familiar to us as any other.

This is how change, God-initiated change, begins.

But there is much more to know.

God bless and I hope you have s good day.

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