Please read this if you use Linseed oil or Tung oil

I usually don’t post twice but this is important.

Summer is a time we engage in a lot of projects that involve was, Linseed oil, Tung oil. and other such products.

I’ve read some posts lately where these items are suggested for projects. The author of these posts never warns of the dangers or suggests how to store the product when done nor what to do with the rags that have been used with these projects.

  • Keep all oils, waxes etc. in metal, preferably fire-proof containers when not in us.
  • Never, Ever, throw used rags or cloths into the garbage. These cloths are extremely flammable. Instead, lay them outside on the driveway to dry out. Keep them somewhere until time for your garbage to go out and only then put them in your garbage can.

Many homes have been destroyed  because of improper storage and disposal of these products.

To properly dispose of linseed oil:
  1. Put any excess boiled linseed oil that you want to dispose of to one side in a metal can. Do not cover the can.
  2. Allow the oil to cure 24 hours or until it has dried.
  3. Throw the cured oil away with your general trash.
  4. For linseed soaked rags/paper towels:

For more information, you can visit this site.

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