Why you need a “guilt-free” zone

In yesterday”s post I shared my recently coined phrase, “guilt-free zone”. I shared two questions I ask myself when I’m overwhelmed because I’m feeling too much responsibility. So the final questions is:

If I don’t bear any responsibility, but I still feel some anyway, what do I do?

And this is exactly where I am sometimes and that’s how I came up with my guilt-free zone. I have decided that, for the most part, I fulfill my responsibilities, as a spouse, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a friend, and a Christian. So when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I look at each situation and make sure that I’ve done all that is within my area of responsibility to do. If I am reassured that I have, I know that what I am feeling is a “false” guilt, an unnecessary kind, the kind that only The Enemy uses.

So I tell myself to let it go and move on. I usually find something to do to distract myself until the feeling goes away.

(I feel I should add something here. We can only determine areas where we are not responsible if we know the areas where we are responsible. And as I said yesterday, there’s a lot of people who are totally irresponsible. Previous posts focusing on this theme are here and here.)

It worked really well last week. I imagined myself in my bubble of  “guilt-freeness”.


Let’s be clear, though. Mercy triumphs responsibility. Always. We may not have a responsibility at all to someone but we find ourselves in a position to show mercy. And, of course, we should.

Hope today’s post helps those of you who, like me, struggle in this area. It’s very, very hard for me to let go at times. But if I, if you, continue to feel responsibility in areas we shouldn’t, how will we ever know the areas in which we are responsible?

How can God use us if we’ve used up ourselves?

God has unique tasks for each of us. It’s hard to know what that is;  it’s hard for God to divulge his plans to us if our minds are caught up by focusing on things that were never our responsibility in the first place.

God bless and have a “guilt-free” day.

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